What is a buddy?

You can be a buddy in many ways: in a group or alone; for a long time or a short time.... What characterizes the buddies of Gave Veste is that they pass on all the love of Jesus to refugees. By building up contact, you help a refugee to find his or her place in Belgium.

You help where necessary by creating a warm atmosphere, listening to stories, drinking tea together, looking for a home, doing the groceries together, etc. Being a buddy usually also involves some practical assistance. The friendship leads sometimes to conversations about culture, faith, life questions or struggles. Furthermore, all this often comes with a delicious meal and hospitality that characterizes a lot of refugees.

Contacts with whom you can share experiences of Jesus together are very valuable. The buddy contact is a great way to connect refugees with for example your church, the summer camps or the mother and child weekend.

"Become a friend of a refugee, a beautiful human being. Share the love of Jesus in both words and works."

What does Gave Veste do for buddies?

As a buddy at Gave Veste you are part of a team of people who do the same job: you are not alone. If you run into questions, they can be discussed with others. At team meetings under management of a Gave Veste employee, there is the possibility to discuss experiences and share and questions.

Gave Veste also offers the following care for buddy volunteers:

• Good training and moments to share experiences
• A welcome meeting (motivation, own wishes, how to get started, make appointments)
• If you wish, Gave Veste will get you in touch with a refugee (or a family).
• The volunteer is insured via a risk insurance policy.
• A limited expense allowance may be provided.

I sign up as a buddy, and then?

If we receive your registration as a buddy, we will contact you as soon as possible. We are happy to meet you. Through a welcome meeting, we would like to hear more about your motivation, your own wishes and practical matters. It is possible that we do not know any refugees in your area. If you don’t have a specific family in mind, we will contact the local OCMW or LOI to inform if there’s a need for a buddy.

Do you want to become a buddy or have any questions as buddy?

Send a message to Jelle Rijkeboer via jelle@gaveveste.be, call 0483/31 99 25

Aanmelden als Buddy

Je contactgegevens worden alleen gebruikt voor buddy-gerelateerde zaken.