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Next Weekend: 30 October - 1 November 2020

What is the Mother and Child weekend?

Single refugee women with children form a vulnerable group within the current refugee flow. We offer a relaxing weekend for this target group. This way, these women and their children can get away from the pressure and stressful situations in which they find themselves.

A life as a single parent is very heavy. Mothers often have to deal with uncertainty about their asylum procedure, have to build a life in a different culture and also have to raise their children within this culture. That is why we organize a relaxing weekend specifically for this target group in which they (sometimes for the first time) learn about the gospel.

"There was so much love here."

What does the weekend look like?

Gave Veste organizes every year and a half a Mother and Child weekend. We organize a weekend at a quiet, child-friendly location. The main focus of the weekend is individual attention for women and children. There is a separate program for women and children so that for a while, mothers are relieved of the daily care for the children. Children receive their own tailor-made program, where they can enjoy themselves to the fullest, creatively flourish and play sports in nature. The meals are always shared. We also provide one activity every weekend, where mothers and children can have a great time together.

The children often respond with comments such as "I wish this was forever!" and "Can I stay here?" Many women arrive on the weekend with a lot of stress and tension busying them. The departure home, on the other hand, is often with a beautiful smile on their face. It all does them visibly good; "There was so much love here."