What is Al Massira?

Jesus (the Messiah) undertook a long walk to a place called Emmaus. He went out with two friends who were looking for answers to current, burning questions. By explaining the signs of the prophets, He gave them the answers they sought.

Al Massira wants to take small groups of friends from Arab, Farsi speaking and other languages on a similar journey. The goal is to find answers to existential questions that reveal the true identity of the Messiah.

''We have already done three courses and 23 of all participants have already been baptized''

Al Massira training in Belgium

Al Massira is a course to help people on their way in their search for the Truth. Even more than the Alpha course, this course focuses on people with a background in the Middle East. At the training you can discover Al Massira and get ready to give the course yourself. You will also receive all DVDs to take home with you. The language on the DVDs is Arabic and Farsi, with Dutch subtitles.

Al Massira turns out to be a powerful tool for people from the Middle East worldwide to get to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Recently, the course is also available in spoken Farsi, making it excellent to use with many Iranian and also Afghan asylum seekers. If you have contacts with Arabic speakers or others from the Middle East or Africa, then the Al Massira course is the ideal way to share the good news with them. The course is also increasingly used to share the foundations of the Christian faith with young believers.

Are you ready for the journey?

In cooperation with Al Massira we can give the Al Massira-training in Belgium. Herman Aerts has been trained to give the training. After the two days training he will help and support candidates in giving the Al Massira in their local region.