Gave Veste supports and provides training

Gave Veste attaches great importance to supporting volunteers and churches/communities. Gave Veste likes to visit you in your church for an educational evening or training. We provide training on various topics. Part of this training is a course. The focus in the courses is mainly on practical application.

We offer the following courses:

• Course "Church & Refugee"
• Course "Pastorate & Refugee"
• Course "Bible Study & Refugee"
• Course "Youth Work & Refugee"
• Course "Children Work & Refugee"
• Course "Women Work & Refugee"

Course Church & Refugee

In four evenings, you get an idea of the different aspects of dealing with refugees. In the course you receive guidance to work with asylum seekers in your own environment. We have updated the course in which we shift the focus more and more from theory to practice in order to really get ready to get started. The following themes are discussed in the course evenings:

• Biblical view on refugees
• Living environment of refugees
• Background of refugees
• Intercultural communication with refugees
• Refugees and faith
• Christian activities with refugees

Gave Veste is available to give (further) guidance after this course to help with the work.

Costs: € 50 (including binder of € 12)

Duration: 4 evenings + 1 evening visit to asylum center.