Invite us for a sermon or presentation

Involvement with refugees starts with the right information. That’s why Gave Veste wants to give presentations and/or sermons in your church about Christian work among refugees. We address questions that arise in the church and we tell about the organization and work of Gave Veste.

We would be happy to do more for you than just speak in the Sunday meeting. Gave Veste is open to questions that live in your church, family, youth group or other company. We offer tailor-made presentations.

Topics and questions that come back regularly are:

• Why do asylum seekers flee?
• Where do asylum seekers come from?
• How do I get in touch with Muslims?
• What can I practically mean for refugees? How can Gave Veste help with this?
• What can I do for refugees with a residency status in my neighborhood?

Sunday school

Another option is that we like to come during the Sunday school in your church or during a youth evening.

Invite us

Would you like Gave Veste to give a presentation or sermon in the Sunday service or at another meeting? Please contact Sjaak van Leijenhorst via or call 0486/776347

As a guide for a sermon/presentation we ask € 50 speaker fee. This amount benefits the operation of Gave Veste. For the benefit of the speaker themselves, we ask for a mileage allowance of € 0,25 per kilometer.