Farsi Bible study in Antwerp

Gave Veste organizes, together with a Farsi-speaking evangelist and teacher, a Bible study in Farsi. The Bible study is given every first and third Saturday of the month in Antwerp-Deurne. Gave Veste supports the Bible study on organizational and practical level.

During the Bible study, participants learn to know the fundamentals of the Christian faith in their own language. It’s important for people from a different, often Islamic background, to understand the basic definitions very well. Most participants have already heard the gospel somewhere. They are from different churches and backgrounds.

"The truth of God makes free. Help to reach unreached peoples in Belgium."

What, why and how?

The Bible study is aimed at giving them solid ground. Many recently converted with an Islamic background still view the faith from that background. The Farsi Bible study is aimed at really getting to know the Christian faith without the effect of Islam.

One of the goals is that the participants themselves become servants of the church in the long term. This is only possible if they have a good basis and continue walking and growing in faith, independently of the Farsi Bible study.

Do you know Farsi-speaking people who have just come to faith or are still in the middle of the process of conversion? Or are there Farsi speakers in the Church who need a Bible study in their own language? Let us know via info.gaveveste@gmail.be or call Sjaak van Leijenhorst 0486 / 776347. The location is easily accessible by public transport.