Mission & Vision

GaveVeste M&K 2017-0905

Gave Veste wants to form a bridge

Gave Veste is a non-profit association for work among refugees in Belgium. Our desire is for refugees to be seen and loved in Belgium. We want refugees to get to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gave Veste tries to bring Christian churches and refugees into contact with each other. Gave Veste helps refugees by providing assistance and guidance, and offers tools to Christian churches to assist the refugees.

"The heart of God the Father is full of love for refugees. We may pass on that love to refugees. ''

How do we operate?

Gave Veste wants to see refugees being hospitably received by local churches and Christians, wherever they live in Flanders. That’s why Gave Veste supports the local churches, Christian associations and organizations in their missionary, pastoral and diaconal activities among refugees. Gave Veste does this by providing information, equipment and guidance. The intention is that Christians are motivated to work for refugees. Next step is that Gave Veste them supports in Christian work among refugees.