Organize a fundraising event

It can be bonding experience for a church as community to take action together. We challenge you therefore: organize a nice project for Gave Veste! We participate every year in the Warmste Week (Warmest Week). Use the opportunity to undertake warm action!

For example, take a (long) walk together, organize a dinner, hold a sponsor run, do something that suits you. And of course: something that makes money. This way, you work on getting closer in your church and you support the Christian work among refugees. Do not forget to make a nice photo/video of the activity so that, if you give permission, it can be shared on the Facebook page of Gave Veste.

You can register a warm action for Gave Veste via this link. If you have questions or need promotional material, you can mail to jelle.gaveveste@gmail.com


Get inspired by previous actions.

Pancake action

VZW Op Weg (On the Way) has organized a pancake campaign during the Warmest Week. The campaign has yielded a nice amount for Gave Veste.

  • Benefit Sand Art

    The Evangelical Church in Aarschot has organized a benefit for Gave Veste. A sand artist has performed live with simultaneous singing by a Flemish artist

  • Christmas cards for Gave Veste

    Lara Versluys has made Christmas cards that she sends to friends, asking for a donation for Gave Veste.

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