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What is Mahabba?

Gave Veste has entered into a partnership with Mahabba Belgium. 'Mahabba' means 'love for Muslims'. Mahabba is a prayer movement with the aim to motivate and mobilize every Christian to love their Muslim neighbor.

In whole Belgium we want to start prayer groups for Muslims. The prayer groups consist of Christians from all denominations. They come together for prayer for neighbors, friends, colleagues and other family members with a Muslim background. In this way, bridges are built between Christians and Muslims, and bridges are built between the various church denominations.

The prayer groups remain autonomous. The Mahabba staff facilitate the prayer groups and meet specific needs, for example in the field of education.

How do I get involved?

Mahabba originated in England and has now also started in Belgium. The new operation has become part of Gave Veste and it fits in well with our work when it comes to reaching unreached nations with the love of Jesus Christ.

The first prayer groups originated in Brussels. We are looking for enthusiastic prayers who want to start a prayer group in their city. You can contact us via

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