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Summer camps (EJV & PJV)

The EJV (Evangelical Youth Association Flanders) and the PJV (Pentecostal Youth Association Flanders) organize summer camps for children and teenagers every year. Gave Veste works with them to ensure that refugee children also experience a great week at a summer camp and get to know the gospel.

After all, a long vacation in an asylum center or a small apartment is often no fun for children. Distraction is more than welcome during the long summer months. For example, there are affordable camps especially for these children and teenagers! They enjoy a camp week full of fun activities: sleeping in a camp house, eating and doing the dishes together, singing together, praying, playing, doing sports... but also being quiet and listening to what God tells them.

"Summer can feel like a long time for many refugee children, with your help they can go to a summer camp of the EJV or the PJV"

More information and registration

Every spring you will find more information about the summer camps on this website and our Facebook page. Perhaps you know families of refugee children aged 6 - 16? Gave Veste helps you to let them go on camp.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a central message at the summer camps. All children are welcome if the parents agree with the Christian identity of the camps (listening to Bible stories, praying and singing together). The children are expected to speak (limited) Dutch and to be present during the entire camp week. Gave Veste wants to give the right attention to asylum seekers' children. That’s why we spend a proper amount of time on the registration. The application form can be obtained via the (bridge) persons below.

For questions, additional information or a registration, please contact

• Karen Van der Heyden (PJV) via or 0499/29 90 88
• Eline Hoolsema (EJV) via or 0483/45 60 06

Summer camps 2020

An overview of the summer camps 2020

Camps for children (6-12 years)

Kamp   Data Leeftijd
EJV Kom & Zie (Genval)  9 augustus - 15 augustus 8 – 12 jaar
EJV Kinderkamp WOV (Nismes)  5 juli - 11 juli 7 – 12 jaar
EJV Amougies Kinderkamp 19- 25 juli 7 – 12 jaar
PJV Kriebelkamp (Kasterlee) 19 – 25 juli 6 – 8 jaar
PJV Omniokamp (Kasterlee) 19 – 25 juli 9 – 12 jaar
PJV Creakamp (Kasterlee) 19 – 25 juli 9 – 12 jaar
EJV Kadettenkamp (Genval) 10 – 12 jaar
PJV Inclusiefkamp 19 – 25 juli 6+

Camps for teenagers (12-16 years) 

Kamp Data Leeftijd   
EJV Tienerkamp Gierle 1  4 – 11 juli 13 – 15 jaar
EJV Tienerkamp Gierle 2  11 - 18 juli 13 – 15 jaar
EJV Kom&Zie Tienerkamp (Genval)  1 – 8 augustus 13 – 15 jaar
PJV Themakamp (Dilsen-Stokkem) 12 – 19 augustus 13 – 17 jaar