Weekly Devotional (3)

Devotional: Wednesday at 16u00

Join us in a weekly devotional. Every Wednesday at 16u00 we will share a message of Hope. This devotional will be in English and is focused on those living in asylum-centers, LOI or those who are in any other procedure as migrant/refugee.


  • Prayer
  • Scripture reading
  • Reflection/meditation
  • Prayer

After this program there is time for interaction in small groups.

Join us on Zoom every Wednesday at 16u00 and invite friends!

Zoom-link & invitation

Devotionals will be available at 19u00 at the Facebook-page of Gave Veste and later on the YouTube-channel of Mahabba.
Participants will not be recorded, we respect your privacy!

Wekelijkse devotional

Elke woensdag om 16u00 organiseren Gave Veste & Mahabba via Zoom een laagdrempelige Engelstalige Devotional voor christen-vluchtelingen & zoekenden. Het programma: gebed, Schriftlezing, overdenking en gebed.

Deelnemen kan via https://zoom.us/j/455746392. Wil je deze link delen met vluchtelingen in je netwerk?